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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Alton

baby shoes on pregnant bellyThere are times in your life when your health needs to take priority. Pregnancy is one such instance when you want to have the best possible well-being. When you become a parent, you want the same for your new baby. At Bemis Tupman Chiropractic, we provide pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care for your family and Dr. Kristina is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

Safe and Noninvasive

Your body is making incredible shifts when you’re pregnant. You may feel common aches and pains, or you may experience more severe symptoms such as sciatica or carpal tunnel syndrome. Your body’s ligaments can also tighten up, which might result in intrauterine constraint. With chiropractic, we can allow your ligaments and tendons to stretch as they need to.

No force is ever applied to your pelvis. We’ll use a unique set of techniques to adjust you that are completely comfortable.

You may have heard of a chiropractic method called the Webster Technique. We do not turn babies. If the ligaments that attach to the uterus and pelvis are tight, however, it can cause unfavorable conditions for your baby. By loosening these ligaments, you may not only feel better but ensure your baby has the space to get in the right position for birth.

How often will you want to see me during my pregnancy?

Our tailored care plans are customized to your individual needs. Typically, our expecting moms come in about once a week. You may not need to come in that often, or you might require more frequent visits. It all depends on what we find from your evaluation.
How will I be positioned during my adjustment when I'm pregnant?

You won’t have to worry about being twisted into uncomfortable positions for your adjustment. Our comfortable tables accommodate your belly. Moms love that they can lie facedown during their visits with us.
How long will my appointments be during pregnancy?

We may require a little more time with our pregnant patients than our average patient. Your chiropractor will take all the time necessary to address your needs from head to toe and answer all your questions.

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