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Meet Dr. Kristina Bemis Tupman

Chiropractor Alton, Dr. KristinaKristina graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA in June of 2015 and is excited and honored to be joining her dad in practice.  She specializes in family care and is certified in the Webster Technique in addition to the other techniques utilized in the office. Kristina is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, the Association for the History of Chiropractic, and the Zonta Club of Alton-Wood River.

Continuing the Family Legacy

Kristina knew from the time she was 7 years old she was going to become a chiropractor. Throughout her life she always admired her dad’s passion and commitment to healing people and in turn healing the community he lives in. She is grateful and excited to carry on her family’s tradition of chiropractic care and continue to make an impact on the world.

After earning a BA in Dance from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA, she danced professionally in Los Angeles, CA and St. Louis, MO. After 5 years of dancing and teaching Pilates, she began school at Palmer College of Chiropractic. She chose to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic, not only because of her family history there, but because that is where chiropractic started.

There’s something to be said about attending the school that was founded by the person who discovered chiropractic. D.D. Palmer restored a man’s hearing by adjusting him in 1895 and the Palmer School of Chiropractic was started just 2 years later in 1897.

Chiropractic is Simple

Chiropractic is the removal of nerve interference so that the body may function and it’s full potential.

Kristina wants to help each and every one of her patients live the absolute best quality of life they are capable of living.

If the nervous system can’t do it’s job properly, then the cells that rely on the nervous system can’t do their job properly.

Every single cell knows what to do because it receives information from the nervous system. Therefore, indigestion, breathing problems, a weakened immune system, sinus congestion and other visceral concerns can often be improved when the nervous system is working properly because the body is allowed to work and heal like it was designed to do.

Outside of the Office

Being a former dancer means she always has to be moving! She still takes dance classes when she can, and she enjoys pilates, yoga, golf, biking, swimming and is currently working towards becoming a “runner.” She loves being outside, volunteering for local organizations and projects, and is a self-proclaimed “foodie.” Cooking is a passion of hers and she eats as many fresh, local fruits and vegetables as she can.

Now that you know a lot about Dr. Kristina, she would love to know about YOU! Let her help you life the best quality of life you possibly can, it may be easier than you think! Take the first step in helping yourself be the best version you can be and give us a call TODAY!

Dr. Kristina Bemis Tupman | (618) 463-1600