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Meet Dr. Frank C. Bemis

Following in Family Footsteps

Dr. Frank Bemis

Dr. Frank Bemis

Dr. Frank is a third-generation chiropractor. When he was in eighth grade, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and go into chiropractic. Dr. Frank attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, just like his father and grandfather did. He graduated in 1965, 50 years after his grandfather and 24 years after his father.

Improving Spinal Health

Dr. Frank specializes in providing care for those who had failed back surgeries and geriatric patients. ‘’We don’t shy away from any kind of spinal condition.” He loves taking care of people with drugless, natural chiropractic that allows the body to heal itself.

Serving Our Community

‘’Being a good citizen of the community means giving back more than you receive.”

When Dr. Frank isn’t helping patients heal, he enjoys golfing and taking care of his home. He and his wife have done a lot of community service over the many years they’ve lived in the Alton area. Dr. Frank serves on the board of Pride Inc., a beautification organization for the city.